Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jenn Bailey!

Yesterday, in my zeal to update my blog, I forgot to mention that the Kansas SCBWI workshop—Catching Fire 2010: Branding Yourself—was taught by the amazing Jenn Bailey, writer, photographer, and social media coach. (She blogs! She tweets! She—in the words of fellow Kansas SCBWIer Lisha Cauthen—wrestles Facebook to the ground and shows it who’s boss!)

It was a terrific workshop, packed with more information than my brain could sort through. One really great tidbit I picked up and want to learn more about is MobileMe, a service of Apple that “keeps everything in sync!” I’m not entirely sure what that means (probably because I’m never entirely in sync), but the cool thing is, if you join ($99 a year), you can create a website using iWeb (which came with my Macs—who knew?), an easy-sneezy (everything Apple is easy-sneezy) site creation software, and your site can be hosted at MobileMe. You can also back up your hard drive online at iDisk, and have the contents of your Mac available to you no matter where you are. Oh, and apparently if you lose your iPhone, it will find it for you. (Wow. If it would just take my dogs potty and get the kids ready for school, life would be perfect.)

(I’m possibly the last Mac user on the planet to hear about MobileMe, but there’s a lot of stuff that came on my Macs that I don’t know about. But oh, hey, look! I just clicked MobileMe in my system preferences and signed up for a free 60-day account. Macs really are easy-sneezy.)

The workshop was great. Thank you, Jenn.


D'Anna said...

I absolutely LOVE my mac!

L.D. Harkrader said...

Me, too, D'Anna. Using any other computer is pure torture to me.