Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger Part 2, Long-lost Relatives, and Chili

Yes, I’ve again slipped into my Bad, Bad Blogger personality. Sometimes I’m Jekyll, the Good Blogger, who faithfully posts regular updates on her life and writing (whether anyone wants them or not). And sometimes I’m Hyde, who slips out of the blog habit for so long that it becomes a sore spot and she begins scowling and growling out of guilt and humiliation. I’ve been Hyde since June, which is way too long, especially since my cousin, who lives half the country away from me and I almost never see, and my neice, who lives only a few counties away but I also hardly ever see, posted comments on my last blog post and probably think I’m snubbing them.

I’m not snubbing you, Jonni and DD. I’m just a bad, bad blogger.

I’ve been doing a lot of things since June, not the least of which was traveling down to Emporia, Kansas, for the William Allen White ceremony in October. Wow. What a celebration. I’ll post more about it soon, I promise. (And I’m Jekyll now, so you can believe me.) For now let me just say that my fervent wish for every children’s writer is for each of you to win the WAW and be treated like royalty for a weekend.

My project right now (besides writing) is helping my son’s 4-H club put together a chili supper and auction to raise money for one of our members, a sophomore at my son’s high school, who is having a kidney transplant. I’m putting together a basket of signed books as one of the auction items, so if any writers would like to donate a book for the basket, email me at and I’ll send you a mailing address.

The image above is the flyer I designed for the fundraiser.