Friday, April 28, 2006

Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave

This morning I sent in my registration for the Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave, a terrific conference for mystery readers and writers that will take place November 3–5, 2006, in Manhattan, Kansas. This is the third year for the conclave, and I recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries. It's a smaller conference, warm, friendly, and very well organized, with terrific panels and workshop sessions, and past keynote speakers such as Margaret Maron, Carolyn Wheat, Carolyn Hart, and Patricia Sprinkle. Last year the fabulous Nancy Pickard presented Part 1 of her revision workshop, which in itself was worth the price of admission. This year she'll present a refresher of Part 1 as well as her revision workshop Part 2.

Speaking of Nancy Pickard, I just finished her latest mystery, The Virgin of Small Plains, which centers on the fifteen-year-old unsolved murder of a beautiful young woman found frozen on a cattle ranch in Kansas, and the tangled lives of the townspeople most intimately involved in her death. WOW, what a book. I predict it will be nominated for many mystery awards next year.

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